This section presents duties and responsibilities of the functional units based on the new Organizational Structure., The staffing plan for the forwarded structure is depicted in Annex 1.All the listed positions may not be filled at a time. They would be recruited when the need arises. When the operation of the organization expands, the ED can recruit additional staff as required.

The job specifications are described in Annex II, while the detail duties and responsibilities of individual employees are described in the Job Descriptions (in a separate document).

The Executive Director’s Office

The Executive Director (ED) is the principal executive officer and legal representative of NEP+. Under the overall direction and guidance of NEP+’s Board of Management, the ED shall have the following powers and duties:

  • Represent NEP+ before any court and administrative/executive organs of the state or may appoint a lawyer to represent him/her;
  • Plan, organize direct, co-ordinate and monitor the day-to-day activities of NEP+.
  • Signs bank cheque opened in the name of the organization;
  • Implement decisions passed by the general assembly and the board;
  • Prepare work plans, budgets, and policies of NEP+ and present to the Board, implement same when approved;
  • As per the Memorandum of NEP+ design and implement fund-raising strategies;
  • Employ, administer, promote or dismiss employees in accordance with the rules and regulations stipulated in the HR and Admin Manual of NEP+;
  • Ensure that appropriate system of books of accounts are maintained, revenue and expenditure are correctly and timely recorded and kept and are accessible to the auditor;
  • Carry out such other functions that may be assigned to her/him in the by-law of NEP+ and by the Board.

Deputy Executive Director

The Deputy Executive Director (DED) is accountable to the Executive Director. Duties and responsibilities of the DED include:

  • Prepare short, medium and long term activity plan and budget for the Office in collaboration with the concerned units;
  • Support all programs that NEP+ is managing with specific supervisory responsibilities for the timely and effective implementation of all programs in line to the strategic plan;
  • Ensure that Project Management Processes exist for planning, monitoring and evaluation of all aspects of the project;
  • Provide backup support to ED with regard to the coordination and linkage of all programs/projects and will assist in the development of a wider strategy;
  • Work with staff and partners to help to identify new programme opportunities that are consistent with NEP+ priorities, and support the ED to bring those opportunities to realization;
  • Perform other tasks that can contribute for the sustainability of the NEP+’s activities.
  • Prepare periodic activity report and submit to the ED.

Program Department

The Program Department Manager is accountable to the DED. Duties and responsibilities of the Department include:

  • Coordinate the regional networks and promote partnership and collaboration and resolve conflicts;
  • Co-ordinate and compile strategic as well as annual plans and programs and conduct periodic monitoring and evaluation;
  • Train member networks in business skills and provide them support to involve in different income generating activities:
  • Assists the member networks in project formulation and appraises projects/programs proposals on HIV/AIDS submitted to NEP+ for accessing delegated fund of donors;
  • Develops capacity building plan (TOT, workshops, conferences, study tours and provide support) to members as needed;
  • Identify researchable agendas together with other functional units and conduct research activities;
  • Prepares periodic activity report and submit to the DED.
  • Carry out such other functions that may be assigned by the DED.

Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Department

The Department will be accountable to the DED and shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Plan, organize, direct, coordinate, control and supervise the monitoring and evaluation of operations of NEP+;
  • Organize and coordinate the collection, compilation, consolidation and analysis of data to prepare the short and long term plans of NEP+;
  • Prepare annual operational plans of NEP+ by consolidating plans of each work unit based on the target set by Management;
  • Adapts methodologies and instruments for participatory monitoring and evaluation and participate in their implementation, through among other things, the development of indicators and monitoring plans, and the facilitation of participatory review and reflection processes;
  • Monitor and evaluates the execution of plans and reports discrepancies to the DED;
  • Establish and ensure better data management system and coordinate the proper and timely evaluation of operation and impact assessment in view of meeting the predetermined objectives;
  • Establish appropriate data management system and facilitate/coordinate the proper and timely evaluation of operations and impact assessment to ensure the realization of intended programme outcomes of the organization;
  • Prepare periodic activity reports of the service and submit to the DED;
  • Carry out such other functions that may be assigned by the DED.

Finance and Administration Department

The Finance and Administration Department is accountable to the ED and shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Plan organize, direct, co-ordinate, control and supervise personnel administration, human resources development, procurement of materials, general services as well as financial and budgetary activities of the Organization;
  • Formulate and recommend to management coherent strategies, policies, procedures, manuals and guidelines for human resource management, accounting, procurement, repair and maintenance of vehicles, and follow-up their proper implementation, after approval by the Board;
  • Ensure that recruitment, promotion, transfer, termination, disciplinary matters are executed in accordance with regulations and directives of NEP+ and Labour Law of the country;
  • Ensure that employee grievances are duly investigated and final decisions are given promptly.
  • Ensure that the deposit of collections, and disbursements of funds are made timely and in accordance with recognized practices as stated in the Financial/Accounting Policy and Procedures manual;
  • Advice and assist management in matters related to administrative, human resource development and financial services;
  • Ensure the maintenance of NEP+’s official accounting records in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles and practices;
  • Authorize various payments in accordance with approved budget and directives given by the ED and the existing policies and procedures;
  • Design and use sound internal financial control system to safe guard assets, records and documents of the organization;
  • Ensures that grants are implemented in compliance with regulatory, funding agency and policy requirement
  • Ensures the development of system and policy on grant administration and monitors its implementation;
  • Ensure that Global Fund financing or procurement, including the monies and assets disbursed or purchased, are used solely for the purposes set out in the approved grant proposal and in accordance with the Grant Agreement under which they were disbursed,
  • Analyze financial statements of NEP+ and partners and identify problem areas, takes remedial action where necessary and makes appropriate recommendations to the ED;
  • Gives assistance to the technical staff in the development of multi-year budget;
  • Prepare and review annual budget, and analyze variance in the budget along with narrative description of budgetary implementation;
  • Analyze financial statements and advises the ED and DED on its implication together with possible course of action;
  • Consolidate financial statements, and timely provide accounting information to external auditors;
  • Ensure that financial reports are sent to donors timely and accurately;
  • Prepare periodic activity reports (monthly, biannual and annual reports) and submit to the ED;
  • Carry out such other functions that may be assigned by the ED.

Resource Mobilization Department

The Resource Mobilization Department is accountable to the ED and shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Identifies and prepares donor profiles and their requirements;
  • Establishes contacts, relationships and networking with local and international donor agencies, NGOs, etc. to solicit support and broaden the source of base of the organization;
  • Develop resource mobilization strategy and enhance fundraising skills of NEP+ and its members;
  • Plan and undertake domestic resource mobilization activities;
  • In cooperation with the respective departments formulates project proposals and submits to donors for funding;
  • Devices a system to attract, create, and sustain new resources, especially in the local business community in Ethiopia;
  • Plans special events, for fundraising activities (example, the organization sells tickets to a social event, concert, or sports tournament; sell crafts, T-shirts with NEP+ logo,);
  • Collaborates with concerned units in the development of fund raising activities;
  • Advices management on fund raising issues;
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

PR and Communications Department

The PR and Communication Department is accountable to the ED. Duties and responsibilities of the Department include:

Internal communication

  • Facilitation of regular awareness enhancement programs for internal staff on NEP+’s major organizational activities and achievements using different tools like posting articles on notice board, direct mailing, intra net communication, publishing newsletters/periodicals, through preparing regular staff meetings and so on.
  • Ensure in house publications are delivered to all staff through direct distribution.
  • Coordinate/Execute internal crisis management whenever dispute arise through dialogues, meetings and the like mechanisms

PR/External communication

  • Establish & Coordinate procedural external communication , follow up the communication is done based on the established external communication system
  • Execute regular update on NEP+’s programs, events, progress, relationship with GO & NGO, NEP+’s contribution to the national strategies and efforts etc…
  • Printing, production of regular programmatic & overall updates on NEP+ through print, audio and other electronic media
  • Advocacy/relay the voice of PLHIVs regarding the nationally coordinated HIV/AIDS related issues including provision of services, in fighting stigma and discrimination, the realization of GIPA principles.
  • Prepares periodic activity report and submit to the Executive Director.

Audit Service

The Internal Auditor will be accountable to the Board and ED and shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Performs audit in a professional manner and in accordance with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards;
  • Conduct periodic financial and operational audits at NEP+ and Regional Networks and projects levels following acceptable auditing principles and procedures, and present internal audit reports to the Board and the ED;
  • Audit the operations, accounts and financial records, review and verify financial statements, check and verify the accuracy and veracity of payments, transactions, receipts and records;
  • Reviews and ensures the effectiveness of internal control system in place and the adequacy of procedures and guidelines in safeguarding organizational assets, achieving efficiency and economy in operations, and compliance with organization and government regulations, and activity results;
  • Ensure a system of internal control, organize annual and periodic physical inventory, ensure that the procurement of goods and services is made in accordance with proper procedures, assist and advise the Board and the ED; in verifying financial matters;
  • Prepare periodic activity reports of the service and submit to the Board and the ED;
  • Carry out such other functions that may be assigned by the Board and the ED.
    This Organizational Structural Policy and Procedures Manual shall come into effect from 1 August 2017