The General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is the supreme power of NEP+. It’s constituted from representatives of 12 member’s networks, with 4 representatives selected from among association members through the regional networks. They are 48 in number. This General Assembly meets annually and may call for extra ordinary meeting if necessary to decide on policy matters.

The Board of Management

Subordinate to the GA is the Board of Management (Board) entrust with the role of formulating governing operational policies and procedures. The NEP+ Board is comprised of 15 members (1 representing each constituency member regional networks) one national network of PLHIV associations and 3 from partner government organizations.

The Secretariat

Headed by the Executive Director (ED), the secretariat of NEP+ is an organ entrusted with managing the day to day operations of the organization and the overall program implementations. The Secretariat has 32 staff members.

The NEP+ structure is composed of 11 regional networks (nine from regional states and two cities) and one network of women PLWHIV. The NEP+ constituencies do have similar structure (GA, Board and secretariats) at all levels.