Network of Network of HIV Positive in Ethiopia (NEP +)

Vision, Mission, Objective

Vision, Mission, Objective


NEP+ envisions an Ethiopia free from HIV and its impacts. Based on this vision, the Organization has its plan that aims at ensuring that people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS have accessed to quality and affordable treatment, care and support services; and are able to lead a positive and productive life free from stigma and discrimination.


The mission of NEP+ is to lead and coordinate the contribution of PLHIV in the national HIV response through networking, partnerships, capacity building, resource mobilization and relaying the voices of PLHIVs at all levels. Based on this premises and to fulfill its stated mission, its strategy was designed to promote greater involvement of PLHIV in policy-decision making, designing and implementation of services that benefit its members and constituencies.


In order to accomplish the above mentioned vision, mission, values and other tasks every of the NEP+ staff should play an important role in regard of discharging its individual responsibilities. To this effect it is necessary to establish smooth relationship among the general staff.

In view of this, become aware of the basic concept of Public relation is essential. Here NEP+ needs an institution/individual to give two day stimulation on the concept of PR.

This training will enable us to improve our internal relation and communication as well as the managers able to manage the organization’s external relation in regard of partnership, stakeholders and government relationship. In addition to this, the training help the organization to build the good image of it among its stake holder and general public.

Objectives of the Training

On the completion of the training NEP+ staff will

  • Have good knowledge of NEP+ activities
  • Able to explain about NEP+ activities and achievement to external body
  • Able to Exert genuine effort towards mission and vision accomplishment programs

  • Able to contributes individual knowledge and skill towards NEP+’s image building program

 To this effect the trainer is expected:

To provide standard knowledge of PR under the following topic areas

  • The concept of PR
  • The origin of PR
  • The Need of PR
  • Tools of PR
  • Internal communication
  • Crises management

About NEP

The NEP+, formerly known as AELWHA (Association of Ethiopians Living with HIV/AIDS), is established in October 2004 to raise and relay the collective voice of people living with HIV.

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