Network of Network of HIV Positive in Ethiopia (NEP +)

  • በአግባቡ የምወስደው የጸረ-ኤች.አይ.ቪ መደሀኒት ኮሮናን ለመከላከል ብርቱ ጋሻ እንደሚሆነኝ መረጃ አግኝቻለሁ፡፡ ዕውቀቱ ለሌላቸው ጓደኞቼ መረጃወን አካፍላለሁ፡፡ ሁላችንም መድሀኒቱን በአግባቡ እየወሰድን የኮሮናን ስጋት እናስወግዳለን፡፡   

About NEP

The NEP+, formerly known as AELWHA (Association of Ethiopians Living with HIV/AIDS), is established in October 2004 to raise and relay the collective voice of people living with HIV. Read More

GPS Location of NEP+ Office

Contact Us

Address: Yeka Kefle Ketem Kebele 13/14 House no. 735 Phone: +251 11 659 1414 /1818 / 1919 Fax: +251 11 659 1010 P.O.Box: 780 Code-1250 Email: /