(February 26 2022 Pr and Communication Department)

NEP+ Provided refresher training for 814 ( male 199 and female 615) case managers and adherence support drawn from dsellected health facilities found in SNNP, Sidama, South west , Oromia, Gambella Regions and Addis Ababa City Administration.
According to the information from NEP+ program Department, the training was focused on Mental Health Illness screening, Cervical Cancer ,prevention, key messages on viral Undetected leads to Un transmitted HIV during sexual intercourse and finally on the revised data management tools. The training was given in 6 round for 2 days each
The training was given at Adama, Jimma, Bishoftu and Butt Jira Towns within three month time from December 2021 to February, 2022.

Trainees in partial.
Trainees in partial.

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