Call for international Consultancy service

Network of Networks of HIV Positives in Ethiopia (NEP+) wants to conduct a qualitative study to identify the various needs and experiences related to accessing HIV and SRH services.  Any consultants individually or in group meet the requirement mentioned below can submit its technical and financial proposal separately:

  1. The Technical part of the proposal should includes study methodology, data collection system, data quality assurance, data management system, data analysis mechanism, experience in the area and staff qualification and work delivery time.
  2. The financial part should detail all necessary expenses both is Euro and Birr.

The final document has to be summated within 2 months time.  The proposal should not exceed 10 pages. Anyone can compete for the work, within the coming 15 working days.


  • MA and above in any social science and health related fields
  • Experience in qualitative survey for more than 5 years
  • Experience in survey related to health specifically HIV/AIDS
  • Experience in having international expertise
  • Legally registered in any country and acceptable in Ethiopia

Terms of reference

  1. Background

In 2020, NEP+ developed a proposal in response to L’Initiative Call for Proposal « Access to quality health services for marginalized populations». The proposal was selected by L’Initiative in November 2020 and the Grant was signed in July 2021. The project started in August 2021 for a period of 36 months (3 years), up until July 2024.

The overall objective of the project is to improve accessibility and quality comprehensive HIV/AIDS care and treatment for adolescent, young women and men living with HIV (age 15 to 24) through bringing a change in their health seeking behaviour and empowerment. The specific objectives are:

  • To improve adolescent and young adults living with HIV ART adherence, retention in care, viral load suppression, sexual reproductive health knowledge and psychosocial well-being.
  • To enhance the social and legal environment for planning, programming and delivery of comprehensive quality differentiated health services to adolescents, young women and men living with HIV.
  • To establish and empower associations of adolescents and young people living with HIV to better exercise their rights.

The project will be implemented in partnership with NNPWE and in collaboration with ART clinics in Bahirdar and Dessie towns (Amhara region), in Adama and shashamane towns (Oromia region), in Gambella town (Gambella region) and in Addis Ababa city administration.








Addis Ababa Addis Ababa subcities in selected woredas and town Selected high load health facilities 4200 2520 1680
Amhara Bahir Dar & Dessie town TBA

Includes both urban and rural areas

2400 1440 960
Oromia Adama & shashemene town TBA

Includes both urban and rural areas

1600 960 640
Gambella Gambella town TBA

Includes both urban and rural areas

1200 720 480
TOTAL 9,400 5,640 3,760

As shown in the table above, a total of 9,400 AYPLHIV (5,640 adolescent girls and young women and 3,760 adolescent boys and young men) will be reached during the project period in the above-mentioned regions. In addition, this project will build the capacity of health care providers by providing training specific to the services for adolescents and young adult so that they can provide user friendly HIV services for the beneficiaries. A total of 42 health care providers from the project implementing health facilities will be selected and trained.

The target group will be involved in peer-to-peer support group, mentorship and psychosocial support, while the associations will be strengthen and directly involved in project implementation in collaboration with different stakeholders.

  1. Objective and experted results
  • General objective

Supporting NEP+ to conduct a qualitative study to unpack the various needs and experiences related to accessing HIV and SRH services for adolescents (15-19) and young people (20-24) living with HIV and enrolled in ART treatment in Ethiopia

  • Specific objectives
  • Exploring facilitators and barriers to ART adherence and retention in HIV care for AYPLHIV
  • Exploring gender-based differences in experiences among adolescent girls and boys and young women and men
  • Exploring what quality HIV and SRH services mean to AYPLHIV
  • Exploring HIV disclosure circumstances and experiencesfor AYPLHIV who know their status (families and/or health- professionals disclosing their HIV status to AYPLHIV)
  • Exploring the conditions for a successful transition from paediatric to adult HIV care, from the perspectives of adolescents and health care providers
  • Expected results

Result 1: NEP+ has an improved understanding of the specific needs and experiences of AYPLHIV enrolled in ART in the project sites, including the diverse experiences of girls and boys, the barriers and facilitators for improved ART adherence and retention in HIV care.

Result 2 : NEP+ identifies clear thematic areas to investigate throughout the project, to create and share knowledge on.

Result 3: Findings from the study are used to inform training curricula for peer educators/mentors and for health professionals.

Result 4: Findings from the study are used to inform the advocacy strategy to be implemented during the project.


About NEP

The NEP+, formerly known as AELWHA (Association of Ethiopians Living with HIV/AIDS), is established in October 2004 to raise and relay the collective voice of people living with HIV.

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