Zonal PLHIV networks is vital in order to maintain follow up and support , The southern PLHIV network-NoSAP Executive Director said.The Executive Director w/ro Fatuma Jemal told NEP+ PR and communication department that three zonal PLHIV networks officially opened and started work at Arba Minch,Wolaita and Kembata.

The vast size of the region sometimes makes difficult to carry out proper and timely follow up and providing technical support among the widely distributed PLHIV associations, it is noted.


To alleviate such difficulties launching zonal PLHIV network is a reasonable alternative, Executive Director said.

According to W/ro Fatuma, currently NoSAP supporting more than 80 PLHIV association through out the region. Among these association 75 are women positives association.

NoSAP is supporting all these association in regard of Income Generation Activities (IGA), home based care and capacity building training.