NEP+ must look for a new way of working track in order to accomplish its mission and vision, UNAIDS notified.

UNAIDS Executive Director, Mr. Michel Sidibe, while he was paying a visit at NEP+ head office on July 29, 2010 said that NEP+ should follow a new way of activism roll with intention of scale up universal access of HIV/AIDS treatment and its prevention mechanism.

According to Mr. Michel it is necessary to look for a way and develop a transition plan and cost effective resource management in order to achieve the targeted mission and vision.


The importance of transition plan, H.E. Mr. Mishel Sidebe explained, is to efficiently maintain the already existed foreign based HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment support by local resources.

Such plan enables PLHIV to have every service on HIV/AIDS with out any interruption, Mr. Michel said.

The UNAIDS director has also underlined that NEP+ should make stronger its roll in field of CSO involvement, strive for new result, bring new community leadership and follow new approach to prevent new infections.

During the briefing, Ato Dereje Alemayehu, Advocacy, Research and Communication manager of NEP+ explained about the regional networks’ major activities and their close and strong relation with NEP+.

According to Dereje’s briefing, this close relation enables both NEP+ and regional networks to register successful results in the sector of ART treatment and access, PLHIV involvement and capacity building.

Mr. Mishel on his behalf expressed his pleasure about the comprehensive briefing and NEP+’s successful performances. Surplus

On the other Hand, Ato Fekade Tilahun, NEP + Executive Director, also briefed the significance of NEP+’s establishment and how it fills the gap in PLHIV’s response on HIV/AIDS.
According to the UNAIDS director’s query to know the added value of NEP+ establishment, Ato Fekad has also explained the creation of NEP+ is an advantage for both PLHIV and government.

W/ro Emebet Mamo, NEP + Project Manager has also disclosed the importance of NEP+ establishment in regarding relaying the PLHIV’s voice.

National network positive women Ethiopian (NNPWE) representatives also substantiated the significant role of NEP+ in relaying PLHIV’s voice. According to the representatives, a magnitude of Ethiopian positive women voice got attention because of NEP+’s role.

Finally, Ato Fekade Tilahun, Executive Director of NEP+, has awarded a certificate to UNAIDS for its unreserved support to NEP+.