Temret- Network of Networks of HIV Positive in Ethiopia (NEP+) is to launch three radio and one TV talk show programs in the coming month. The talk show program mainly focuses on PLHIV involvement on the national HIV/AIDS response and leadership commitment.

The agenda are set by the NEP+ and its partner in a half day discussion According to Ministry of Health representative, Ato Yihealem, The Federal Democratic Republic Ethiopia Ministry of health has facilitated favorable environment for PLHIV in related to Prevention, care and support and capacity building.MoH has also played great roll to realize the rights and responsibilities of PLHIV by designing HIV/AIDS prevention and controlling programs strategy and policy, Ato Yihe alem said.

The Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Controlling Office (FHAPCO) representative Ato Tesfaye has also stated that HAPCO with its stake holders is supporting PLHIV’s involvement in developing national HIV program, program implementation, monitoring and evaluation.Dr. Negash Tulu, from ICAP-Ethiopia, has also disclosed that GIPA principle guideline has been made with FHAPCO and NEP+. The guide line enables any party which is engaged in realizing the GIPA principle, according to Dr. Negash.
Dr. Negash has also stated PLHIV’s involvement in four regions. 150 PLHIV are currently working with physicians as case manager, adherent supporter. He also remarked this involvement should grow to the level of participating in planning, implementing HIV/AIDS program. It is also necessary to build up the PLHIV’s negotiation skill, as Dr. Negash said.

All the above mentioned organizations assured to the talk show program participants that NEP+ is playing a significant role in realizing the GIPA principle. They have also remarked that NEP+ is expected to demonstrate much more effort towards executing the GIPA principle.

The Addis Ababa and Oromiya PLHIV network representative also expressed their gratitude on NEP+’s commitment towards GIPA principle. And they have also firmly commented that the current effort of NEP+ towards PLHIV involvement is not adequate. According to the PLHIV representatives NEP+ as a mouth piece of PLHIV it should discharge its responsibility much more than its current exertion.

Finally, The Talk show program moderator, Ato Mergisa Kaba, has conveyed a message to all participants that NEP+ is not the only responsible body to accomplish the GIPA principle both GOs and NGOs are also the main actors. Due to such responsibility, Ato Mergisa said, all the concerned bodies should take their own part in building the level of PLHIV’s capacity, facilitating conducive environment like favorable policy and programs and providing technical and financial support.

Ato Fekade Tilahun, NEP+ Executive Director, on his closing remark of the talk show program after appreciating the general active participation, vowed to take all comments as an assignment of NEP +. He also promised to introduce the GIPA principle to the higher level of the Federal government to lower structure of the regional governments. He assured that NEP+ will facilitate a way for PLHIV involvement in decision making process by upgrading their knowledge and skill.

The rest two similar radio talk show programs will be held in the coming two weeks. The talk show programs are financially sponsored by Christian aid.